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3rd Sunday Food Drive - Nov. 18th - Service hour opportunity!

Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 7:24pm

Hi Scouts and Adults,

This Sunday, November 18th, is the Third Sunday Food Drive at The Woodlands UMC. This a great opportunity for scouts to get much needed service hours! We have two shifts of volunteers available: 8:30am - 10am and 11am - 12noon.

New YPT Training Required for ALL Registered Adults to stay registered with BSA

Posted on Oct 31 2018 - 6:02pm

Completion of the new, updated Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required to be completed ASAP.  Adults will not be able to recharter with Troop 772 if the new YPT is not completed asap.

Reminder: Yearly BSA/Troop 772 membership renewal – Please respond Yes or No

Posted on Oct 31 2018 - 6:00pm

Please go to Activities Sign Up under the MENU on the left side of screen and complete form.

If you don’t respond asap, your membership may not be renewed and you will have to fill out all those BSA forms to re-register your Scout and adult in January.  Any advancement by your Scout might be delayed while your forms are being processed so avoid this hassle by responding today.

Scout Participation in Political Rallies or Events

Posted on Oct 31 2018 - 2:59pm

As we appoach the mid-term elections, its timely to remind Troop 772 scouts and adult leaders regarding the BSA policy for scout participation in political rallies or events.

Volunteer Leaders Needed for Troop 772

Posted on Aug 27 2018 - 7:44pm

Troop 772 Parent - We need you!.  As we elect new scout leadership for the next term, we need additional adult volunteers to help our troop keep its strong programming and support for our scouts.  Here’s what we need:

Scout Uniform Swap Shop Available at August 20th meeting

Posted on Aug 15 2018 - 10:04pm

For those who are newer to the Troop or just haven’t heard about how the Scout Uniform Swap Shop works --- please see details below.

A scout is thrifty!   The swap shop is a way for scouts and Troop families to save money on uniforms.

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